Monday, October 12, 2009

I feel stupid right now

I got back from my Grandma's house today and sat down with this. After a few rows I decided that I would't have enough yarn. Actually, I have known that for a while, but I ignored the smart little knitter with the little knitting crystal ball that sits in the back of my head. Now I feel kinda stupid for thinking that I could get a scarf out of a single 100 gram ball. sdk.ghaj svwe3746 wareghdfhs. Sorry, that was just me banging my head on the keyboard. Ow. Anyway, I thought of the scarf rescue hat from Knitting Rules. It involves knitting your scarf until it fits around your head, casting off, then sewing the ends togther, then picking up the stitches around the top and knitting it into a hat. This was the plan, but I'm lazy and don't like picking up stitches and I already have enough hats. So I just did the casting off and sewing the ends together and made this:

I took two photos so that you can see the great colors. Grumble grumble - if I lived in a 4 dimensional world I wouldn't have to take two picures I would only have to take one - grumble grumble. Sorry. But anyway, I like it this way. I can use it to tie back my hair and it keeps my ears warm, and I only have two other head bands like this. I kinda wish I had made this though. Oh well. Stupid me missing out on a chance to learn entrelac - grumble grumble. And free yarn is the best place to try new things. Again, oh well.

In other knitting news the world's most boring sock is coming along. When I'm done these I'll definitely go and buy some of this and make me some nice socks.

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  1. I can DEFINITELY see why you called your blog grumbleknits.