Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ramblings of a travelling knitter

Well, yesterday my dad and I got back from Quebec City and now I can show you the new additions to the stash.

Here we have the 4 balls of sock yarn for my dad's socks. It's Regia 4 ply in the world's most boring color to make the world's most boring socks. Sigh.

Now meet the 8 balls of Galway chunky. Apparently It's a Plymouth yarn, but it doesn't say so on the ball band. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it. I was thinking sweater, then blanket, then poncho, then blanket again, now it's back to the sweater idea again. Oh well, I'll think of something. But not before I finish this: it's the vest I told you I'd tell you about.

It's made out of 3 shades of un-dyed wool from here. I love this yarn, it's scratchy in a soft way. Very nice to knit with. I bought four skeins of it at Fibre Fest, thinking that 4 100 gram skeins would be enough as it has been enough in the past. I cast on and started knitting. Some ribbing, lace, fair isle, plain knitting then some more fair isle and now stripes later I look at the yarn that I have left and think I don't have enough. That's when it went into hibernation with the logic that me not knitting it will spontaneously generate more yarn. Unfortunately Aristotle and his thing about spontaneous generation is not allowed under the normal laws of physics. Maybe in a quantum world, but not in ours. Did I tell you I'm a bit of a nerd? Ok fine, back to the knitting. So about 3 weeks later, I go to Upper Canada Village and find this at the gift shop. Anyways this is where the 2 un-dyed 50 gram skeins are going.

In other knitting news, I finished a mesh market bag made of some crochet cotton I found laying around the stash. It's pretty small, but holds a lot. This was my project for the 6 hour train ride to Quebec City and unfortunately I finished it at the hotel so I had nothing to knit on the way back. So with the leftover yarn I knit a little pouch for it because this is a kind of bag that you have pouches for. But it doesn't take 6 hours to knit a pouch so for the rest of the ride I knit a swatch for the socks and read a book about quantum physics.

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  1. everything about this post just makes me feel like we could be great friends!!

    where did you find the pattern for this fantastic looking market bag? (and what does its pouch look like??!?)