Friday, October 2, 2009

I seem to be getting a little trilobite obsessed

Have you ever felt the need to have a trilobite on your scarf or sweater? Have you ever looked at your mittens or socks and thought to yourself that there was something missing? Then fret no more because your all-purpose trilobite chart is here!


  1. I love this! Awesome...

    I dearly want to knit a brain (being a psychologist and all...). In a recent crochet magazine, they have an article about a student who crocheted neurons as a way to help study!

  2. If you wanted to knit lungs, and you are a memeber of the Ottawa knitting guild, try contacting Barbara Bondar. She still comes to some of the meetings. She designed socks with lungs on them for a doctor.

    Jana AKA KnitTwit

  3. hahaha omg how have i not found your blog sooner? you're hilariously amazing!!