Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sock Update

I am at my grandma's house this weekend (so no photos) which is a 5 hour drive from Ottawa. I brought the world's most boring sock to knit on the way and realized that it was going to be too small about an hour into the trip. I was following the sock recipe from Knitting Rules and she says to multiply your gauge times the circumference of the place where the calf muscle ends, then remove about an inch of stitches (so that you don't get droopy socks) to get the number of stitches to cast on. So I multiplied 8 stitches to the inch by 11 1/2 inches to get 92. I removed about an inch worth of stitches to get 84. This would have worked except one thing. Removing an inch of stitches is assuming you're going to do most of the cuff in stockinette stitch, unlike me who prefers a ribbed cuff. The ribbing makes it smaller and so removing an inch of stitches and doing ribbing will make for a sock that not only stays up, but cuts off the circulation to the foot. Not how I want to thank my dad for taking me to Quebec City. So I rip the 3 inches I had and cast on 92 stitches. I have about two inches now. This is not the first disappointment for the sock, though. At the yarn store in Quebec City I bought a pair of fancy pants turbo needles for 20$ and it turns out they're the wrong size and I am knitting with an old set of metal dpns (one of which is slightly bent) and what's more, I already have a set of nice wooden needles somewhere in just the right size and they are nowhere to be found. All of them but one and one dpn doesn't help me. Sigh.


  1. Hello Madeleine, can you tell your audience why you are refering to your dads socks as "the most boring socks in the world"

    Seems to me that who ever chose that yarn had pretty good taste as I kind of like it myself!


  2. mama says to stop using her Google identity

  3. and if you had read the previous post you would know why it is called the world's most boring sock