Saturday, September 26, 2009

How do you solve a problem like one skien of Noro? (reprise)

Last night I cast on a scarf in the noro Taiyo and it looked like this:
I was trying to do the risotto stitch from super stitches knitting , but I missed a direction and I got some thing that wasn't risotto stitch. It was kind of lacy and squarish, and I was fine with it. I even kind of liked it. Until my mom said "it looks a little like crochet". CROCHET?! I couldn't knit some thing that looked like crochet. The rest of the evening I was deciding what to do with it. I didn't want to frog it as this yarn is delicate and breaks easily and this stitch is sticky. Yet, if I kept knitting I would have a scarf made out of very beautiful yarn in a stitch that looked like crochet. So I frogged it, and about an inch and a half from bottom the yarn broke and so I have a lovely piece of crochet looking knitting to show you today.

After much deliberation, looking at cables, looking at lace patterns and looking at other woven looking stitches I decided to try the risotto stitch again. this time doing it right. so I cast on 28 stitches and bravely started knitting. And now I love it! It looks like woven fabric and lays flat. So I present you ......... risotto stitch done right.

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  1. omg i have just discovered this stitch in the same book, and have knitted up a great swatch of it, but now am unsure what to do with it!! I really want to do a hat using this, but i'm not sure how to do the increases/decreases (top-down/bottom-up) or to translate to in-the-round and apparently it's not a very popular stitch on the internet so i'm very sad. your post is like 1 of 2 related pages from my google search so i'm at least happy to find someone else who appreciates this stitch too :)