Friday, December 3, 2010

Time travel paradoxes anyone?

I love all the time travel episodes of star trek. Which got be thinking about time travel paradoxes. Just think about the following scenarios:
- If you go back in time and shot your mother before you are born, then you would no longer exist. But if you no longer exist, then you will never go back in time and shot your mother therefore your mother will have you, but that means that your going to go back in time and shot her and.... well you get the point

-In the animated series spock goes back in time to visit his 7-year-old-self. 7 year-old spock is upset because he can't to the Vulcan nerve pinch like the other children can, so older spock teaches it to him. So who taught spock the Vulcan nerve pinch?

These aren't really paradoxes but some other things I would like to add about time travel:

- If people invent a time machine in the future, shouldn't there be time travelers living among us?

- If you did travel in time you would have to worry about changing the future. But what if you are supposed to change the future? what if you are supposed to kill somebody in order for the future to be as you remember it when you get back?

does anybody have any thoughts on time travel?

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  1. Here's what I think. I think that if you went back in time then what you have done in the past has already happened in the past. If it's already happened then nothing could have changed in the present, therefore not really impacting the future. Does that make sense? Because it doesn't to me.