Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The crafty star trek fan (Version 2.0)

I just finished knitting this:
I thought it turned out rather well considering that I had barely planned any of it. I even added waist shaping which is a first for me. I also like the way that the trim around the neck turned out. And it's blue, so my chances of surviving a mission are significantly higher then if I where wearing red.
Edit: Here's a picture of the dress that this is based on. As you can see I made the sleeves shorter (because I am lazy) and made it a shirt and not a "dress" (if you can call it that). If I had made the sleeves long, I would not have put the rank stripes on because 1. having gold rick-rack on your sleeves is quite tacky and 2. this is not a costume. I want to keep it wearable. And speaking of wearable, I have no idea how this woman could breath, it looks like she's wearing a corset. Well, I have no idea how any of the women could do anything in a uniform that short. But that's not the point. I kept the a-symmetrical neck line and the black trim as well. I used short rows to make it drape in the front like it does.