Monday, November 30, 2009

Don't worry, I'm not dead

Sorry I haven't been posting for a while but there hasn't really been anything post-worthy happening lately. Actually that's not true, I've just been too lazy to post. I did finish a rather large project, though .

It's a half-circle shawl by Jennifer Jones. For something called a half circle shawl it's not very half circle-y. It's like a pentagon with a bite taken out of it. I'm not sure if I missed a step or something to get that shape but I am baffled, but aside from that I'm quite happy with it. It's huge which is nice. I'm always mad at shawls for being so small, I like things that keep more that the back of your neck warm. Like for example, this thing. But I won't go doing a big rant about the size of shawls, I'll just continue talking about my shawl. So, anyways I used Needful Yarns Woodstock and it only took 400 grams. That's a lot of shawl for 400 grams.

In other knitting news I have been trying to find a pattern for one skein of hand-dyed Misti Alpaca lace.
Actually, I found a pattern. It's very pretty, looks like it would sufficiently hold my attention and is for hand-dyed yarn and I have enough. What's stopping me? The fact that my perfect pattern is in Finnish. They do provide a sheet with translations of the abbreviations and it is all charted. I prefer to knit from English patterns, so I think I'm going to do this one instead.

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